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State-of-the-art IP video technology for the central stations in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover


Optimization of video surveillance at Deutsche Bahn AG’s large long-distance train stations; tight timetable coupled with extremely high technical requirements; accomplishment of all installations

Description of the solution

Expansion of existing network infrastructures with switches and several kilometers of data cable, including preparatory underground construction work; installation of in each case up to 200 IP video cameras and centralized video management systems; implementation of detailed complex measures.

„We’re proud that we’ve been able to successfully continue our long-standing project partnership with Deutsche Bahn with the video surveillance solutions at the central stations in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover.“
Matthias Wolff, Head of the Competence Center Video, euromicron Deutschland GmbH


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euromicron equips central stations in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover with cutting-edge IP video technology

Deutsche Bahn AG is also relying on the euromicron Group’s expertise to optimize video surveillance at long-distance train stations. The system house company euromicron Deutschland has implemented leading-edge video surveillance systems, as well as expanding existing network infrastructures, at the central stations in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover.

In order to enhance security at and around train stations further and support the federal police authorities in their work, the German government and Deutsche Bahn AG have launched a joint program to expand and modernize video technology at stations. Around €85 million is to be invested in expanding, complementing and refreshing existing video technology installations by the year 2023. One particular focus is on large long-distance train stations. A few basic statistics on passenger volumes illustrate the magnitude of the task involved in maintaining security there: The three most-frequented long-distance train stations – the central stations in Hamburg, Munich and Frankfurt/Main – have a combined total of some one-and-a-half million travelers a day.

IP video technology
Photo: Deutsche Bahn and the Federal Police are continuously expanding video surveillance at train stations. Security for customers and employees has top priority. (Copyright DB/Andreas Sahlmann)

Deutsche Bahn AG is also relying on the euromicron Group’s expertise to implement its video technology-based security concept. As a longstanding project partner to Deutsche Bahn, euromicron’s system house company euromicron Deutschland was awarded the contract to implement the video surveillance solutions at the most-frequented long-distance train station, Hamburg Central Station, at the central stations in Cologne and Hanover. All three projects were characterized by tight timetables and extremely high technical requirements – including the fact that all work had to be carried out without interruption to ongoing operations. In Hamburg, for example, all construction and installation measures had to be accomplished in just four months, with employees working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, due to the upcoming G20 summit. The project comprised underground construction work at the platforms, expansion of the existing network infrastructure with more than 30 switches and around 11,000 meters of data cable (including 5,000 meters of fiber-optic cabling) and, not least, installation of 190 full-HD IP video cameras along with the associated central video management system. There was a similar scope in the projects in Cologne and Hanover, where police are now assisted in their work with 200 and 170 additional IP video cameras respectively.

euromicron Deutschland and its technology partners completed the envisaged work in all projects in strict compliance with all deadlines, technical requirements and building regulations without exception. The many years of experience euromicron Deutschland has in rail projects helped in that, as did the many instances of tried-and-proven, efficient cooperation with Deutsche Bahn AG’s project managers. Even complex and detailed station-specific requirements, such as installation of equipment cabinets with distribution panels and alarm contacts, customizing of the camera holders’ color or establishment of a complete fiber-optic infrastructure for the 3-S center (3S is the German acronym for Cleanliness, Service, Security) were thus accomplished without any reservations in the defined time frame. The customers were accordingly satisfied. In Hanover, for example, the old video surveillance system was switched off as soon as the new solution was put into operation – a move that underscores the quality of the workmanship.

“We’re proud to have been able to continue our longstanding project partnership with Deutsche Bahn with the video surveillance solutions at the central stations in Hamburg, Cologne and Hanover,” emphasizes Matthias Wolff, Head of the Competence Center Video at euromicron Deutschland. “Moreover, we again demonstrated we can handle and successfully complete highly complex large projects reliably, even under heavy time pressure.”

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