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Growing competitive pressure not only forces companies to roll out new and flexible digital business models, but also to cut costs and be as attractive to skilled workers as possible. In particular as regards the last two points, the great importance of one factor is often underestimated: the company’s building. Because it offers many ways of cutting costs, as well as of enhancing convenience for employees.

For instance, even economical LED lights can save even more power if they are on only at the time they are needed and in the required brightness. Illuminated rooms, corridors or underground car parks that are empty are an issue in many companies and “burn” money. The remedy is an intelligent concept: Lighting that uses its own brain – Smart Lighting. That is possible by combining intelligent network and LED technology. Energy costs can be additionally cut by 25 to 30 percent solely by using sensors and actuators to provide lighting at the precise time and place it is needed.

If the lighting, heating, air-conditioning system and computer can be switched on and controlled automatically as soon as employees enter the office, staff also enjoy greater convenience. That is because they no longer need to take action themselves and so save valuable time. Users can even use apps to tailor their workplace to their own personal requirements. After all, everything that can be integrated in networks can also be controlled in the Smart Building.

Solutions from euromicron

Technologies and solutions from euromicron ensure that buildings become an integral part of the Internet of Things and dovetail with Smart Industry. MICROSENS, a subsidiary of the euromicron Group, offers “smart” services – intelligent solutions for fire prevention, video surveillance, access control and process automation, extending as far as efficient energy and building management. Its Smart Building functionalities ensure greater security, energy efficiency, ergonomics and cost-effectiveness in modern buildings. The basis for that is a powerful all-round concept that unites the various building automation systems in an efficient and user-friendly way.

MICROSENS’ decentralized Smart Office concept brings network intelligence to the application’s direct vicinity and so creates an unprecedented level of performance and security. Based completely on IP, the concept uses standard IT cabling infrastructure that exists in every office building and so offers an open, standards-compliant solution. The sensors, actuators and system management communicate via secure, encrypted IP network protocols. The Smart Office concept can be scaled and expanded as desired, meaning existing rooms can be integrated gradually to suit needs. That enables gentle migration to state-of-the-art building management.

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